C Nut is For Sale!! Asking Price is $120K.
Or C NUT could be for RENT for the 2012/2013 cruising season
to Qualified People Who want to cruise for a season.

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Sailing...it's about gettting there..the trip itself becomes an adventure..
Start Here in Honeymoon Bay....C Nut's St Thomas Home Sunset off Honeymoon Beach Sailing Yacht C Nut Anchored off Hans Lolick.. a Really Beautiful Secluded Island off the North Side of St Thomas St John US Virgins Islands...

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Renting C Surfer This is pretty tricky but I would be willing to do this under the following conditions. This would be as much about taking care of the boat as sailing it and in exchange the price to rent it would be very reasonable compared to a charter or buying your own boat. It would even cost less than sailing your own boat to the islands.

  • The Person or People renting it MUST have had their own Boat before or currently and they must be cruiser types. Yes this is very subjective but someone who is going to bash around like a racer is not going to work without a very large security deposit. To much wear and tear and a chance to break things. Along with the Ho Ho Ho I want to be a Drunken Pirate crowd and someone who has no idea how to "read the water". A family who wants to cruise a few months/season is ideal. Secondly a group of experienced people who want to sail around the VI's would be the second choice.
  • Obviously the Boat must be insured for this. The Renter would have to pay for this. The rate would probably cost around what a bareboat charterboat cost so around 5K for the season.
  • Deposite-The amount would depend on where you want to go. But minimum of 8K. That should fix almost anything that can be destroyed by abuse/neglect/rotten seamanship that the insurance won't cover. Along with this you must have a checkable background. So if your Bulgarian and have a cashiers check don't bother.
  • The term and actual fee for using C Surfer would depend on experience, how and where it's being used but would start at about $2000 a month and go up from there depending on usage/destinations/number of people etc.

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