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Sailing from the Virgin Islands to the Cheasapeak Bay...
Anybody want to come?

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Hello From C Nut ....Captain Robert Dinions Bavaria 42 Sailboat
I bought it in Spain last fall and sailed it here to the Virgin Islands...
Log and Pics of the trip crossing the Atlantic last Fall Here

I will be sailing the Boat from St Thomas USVI to the east coast of the US the week of June 4th

Let me rephrase this.. looking for company on a one or two week island cruise on a brand new 42 foot 3 cabin, 2 bath sailing yacht.. The islands visited will be Puerto Rico, Turks and Cacios and several Bahamian Islands.. then back to the east coast of the US
ALL you have to pay for is off boat entertainment expenses and transportation..
The only help or thing expected on the boat is watching for other boats for a few hours a couple times a day..
Chance of a life time to see some of the most amazing beaches in the world and have an adventure
As always this schedule depends on the weather and boat. etc but this WILL be a fun trip

Looking for someone to for any or all of it..there are plenty of places to fly in and out of if you want to come for part of the trip. the longest open water stretch will probably only be about 2 days

Crew: Captain Robert Dinion and TBA

May 8th, 2007

May 17th, 2007
A couple things.. This is a REALLY EASY trip... Downwind all the way a lot of really cool places to stop.. I can do it myself if need be so will not be paying or covering travel expenses. Boat cost and onboard food will be there..... you don't need to know how to sail as much as simply want to help and experience it..and I need another person on board after 24 hours for insurance reasons or I have to stop for 12..

June 4th, 2007
I'm leaving NOW for San Juan PR... no idea when I'll be updating this again but should be by the end of the week.
The Weather forcast is PERFECT until Saturday so I may just keep moving...

June 7th, 2007
Checked into a BEAUTIFUL Marina called Ocean World in the Dominican Repulic. The weather and sailing have been great. I didn't bother to stop until now because it was so easy to keep going and customs check in check out procedures suck up so much time in PR and the DR and single handing it is actually easier to keep going. But I really want to come back and spend more time here. It reminds me a tropical Costa Del Sol.
This will give me a lot of time to hop through the Bahamas
The Weather forcast is still PERFECT until Tuesday so I will probably head to the Bahamas tommorow about noon.. to arrive at French Key (Turks Cacios)by noon the next day..then on to Maguyana Bahamas day after.. GT 3 days later.

June 13th, 2007

Skiped a couple entries. Made it to GeorgeTown Exumas last monday and checked in after ripping through the out islands.. Made one 200 mile day. Beeen here a few days and giving a couple guys from Norway a ride to nassau to catch a plane Going to Staniel now then Up to Allans Thursday to make Nassau by Friday.

June 21th, 2007

Skiped a couple more entries Picked up a couple of Norwigien guys in Georgetown Bahamas that needed a ride to Nassau to cathc a plane. Je flew in from New York for the abaco and atlantic leg so there will be someone else on board to pick me up when I fall off.
In the abacos at Green turtle Key now about to jump into the Atlantic for either Beaufort NC or the mouthof the bay depending on weather. Weather looks pretty great if a bit wierd...Should take 3-5 days.. A lot of crazy stuff has happened on this trip..ncluding me being involved in two searches for missing a jet ski that broke down and washed out to see with 2 people.. I found the jet ski 16 miles off the coast of peuorto Rico but no people.. Then a guy fell off a cruise ship leaving the Disney Key heading for San Salvador..right in our path.. So we searched while we sailed with the helecopters buzzing around..don't think they found him either.. This is starting to bug me... I'll write more about it later for now I'm getting back ot the US..DON'T WORRY!!! XOX

July 2, 2007
So I am "Home" ..well at moms house.. Heres the link to the story of the jet ski..they alway get the boat name wrong.. they call it Sea Knot,15240,138239,00.html and the ink to the missing guy I'm not mentioned in this one...

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