Leaving St Thomas and Selling a Completed Apartment with a 7/8 Completed House in West Caret Bay St Thomas
The roof is now formed with the rebar on it and almost ready for Concrete.

A beautiful spot in Caret Bay Estates on St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands with an Apartment ready to live in. PRICE is now back to $299,000 as the roof is ready to pour.

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This house is 7/8 Completed and the hard part is done it is being worked currently (5/1/19 Roof is formed and rebar on the roof mostly tied.) so you can continue construction and finish the inside the way you want. The roof is formed and the rebar is placed. That is why the price has gone up again. Please do not contact me to window shop. You need to be preapproved or have the cash for a down payment and to get the into a condition where you can get a loan if you need one.
At this point finishing and renting the house make more financial sense but I do want to be rid of this island so will work with a buyer who wants either the investment or a very safe strong house in a very good location.

The plans are in the images below.
The Septic System, An Apartment and 10000 gallon cistern are completed and a guest cottage are completed and you can live here.
The first floor is poured. The fully grouted block and poured concrete posts for the first floor walls and bond beam are done and half are plastered.
The next step is the roof(floor of second story) needs to be poured. The Forming is done and half the rebar placed as of 4/24/19. It will take and 24yrds of concrete at a cost of $5000 and another $4000 for the pump truck and labor for the pour. All this is arranged.

I was building the 2 bedroom 2 bath house for myself and made sure everything was done Right. From the foundation up, everything is steel reinforced concrete and grouted block with oversized foundation and beams holding up the first floor. I planned to never insure this house as there is no way a hurricane could damage it. The floor walls, windows and interior and waiting for a new owner.. note the plans have smaller windows but YOU can pick any doors and windows you like!
The plumbing and electrical was put in to allow a second story as well although the plans and current building permit which come with the house only have one floor. There is a very nice finished studio apartment with main room of 16x9,a 5x4 closet and 9x4 bath a on the bottom level. There is a Washer and Dryer and a 3000 Watt Solar electrical system. The .20 acer lot is planted with bannana, papaya, coconut and mango trees with a long vegetable garden strip on one side down the hill.

Complete set of DesignCAD/AUTOCAD plans as well as complete approved set of building plans await new owners input. Current owner will work with new to complete house. All tools and A LOT of materials, fixtures etc needed are on site and will convey with the house.

The background of this page is the VIEW!! The view out over the Atlantic, Inner and Outer Brass Island and a 6 minute trip to downtown Charlotte Amalie or the University of the Virgin Islands make this quiet out of the way lush north side location the place to live.
It is 5 minutes from Hull Bay Beach and Caret Bay beach which are the two main Surf spots...
It already can produce income from Rentals..when the whole thins is done it will bring in about $2000 a month in rentals easy. It is also ideal for college students or professors..and 8 minutes to Brewers Beach and UVI

There is also 8'X16' wood cottage with electricity, double bed, AC, small kitchenette, sink, toilet and outdoor shower stall.

Contact Robert Dinion 340-344-0552 or email Contact SailingAllOver

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