Contact SailingAllOver's about gettting there..the trip itself becomes an adventure..
Start Here in Honeymoon Bay....C Nut's St Thomas Home Sunset off Honeymoon Beach Sailing Yacht C Nut Anchored off Hans Lolick.. a Really Beautiful Secluded Island off the North Side of St Thomas St John US Virgins Islands...

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Help with Expenses Trips.

These are kind of like a Captained Charters and I am a Coast Guard OUPV Captain but you only pay for things such as Provisioning and cruising expenses as they come up which inter island generally runs about $200-400 a day for the boat(split between everyone on board) plus depending on the islands you visit and things like staying at Marinas another $10-$30 (first on board first decides destinations) in the direction of the final destination during the allotted time frame with of course safety in mind. The boat has 3 cabins plus the settee so up to 6 people besides myself can be accommodated although 4 works best. Note there may be one crew member besides myself depending on the trip. The Captain and Crew sail the boat and the crew will help with Provisioning, cleaning, cooking etc but in general that is also the guests responsibility. The luxury pampered charter option is not available at this time and price. This is ideal for experienced bare boat charterers who want to see those other islands and also a make a couple short inter island Blue Water passages. Fishing, snorkeling, diving and sightseeing are encouraged. Sailing and weather lessons are free.
Note: Drinking is Ok but drunk people are only allowed in the cockpit or down below when underway!
And Of course safety is paramount.

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