C Nut is Sailing the Islands Again

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C Nut, Robbie and Vasa are in the water and Underway to Carricao.
Sailing...it's about gettting there..the trip itself becomes an adventure..
V Makes Breakfast Boat Back in the Water Me on Calvigny Beach.. a Really Beautiful Island off the South Side of Grenada St John US Virgins Islands...

Underway to the Tobago Keys

C Nut is Under Way from Grenada heading North
Vasa from DC joined for crew and we are splashed, fixed up and provisioned to head north...
Pics to Follow along with a Trip log if we get internet often enough..

Anyone is invited to join. We are going through the Tabagos island to St Lucia next...the Martinique.
anyone wishing to join up needs to read. Crew Info Grenda, Carricao, Grenadines, St Lucia, St Vincent, Martinique St Maarten, St Kitts will be on the possible agenda.

This trip will be treated as a Help with expenses trip. It is pretty much like a charter of a lifetime, Share the Sail, Ultimate Caribbean Get Away Trip. The sailing is EASY downwind sailing to any island you want and we can stay for as long as you want for a maximum of 3.5 weeks total as long as we are in the BVI's or St Thomas St Croix at the end of it.
If Multiple people wish to go the schedule will be first come first to decided but there is no bad places and you can fly easily from the main islands to and from any island in the Caribbean on LIAT airways. Most of the main island have flights with the major carriers to and from anywhere in the world. So travel to and from any island is not a problem. So this is kind of like the ultimate go to any Island Charter only much less expensive. If interest in this trip email sail at the webpage or @yahoo.com address of sailing all over but one word..

Please Read the Crew Info Link on the Navagation Bar to the left. This trip crew is responsible for there own airfare, customs fees and other than basic food stuffs
I'm on yahoo.... email/contact me if you are interested in this trip

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